Teaching Lessons

What is the most effective/usual way for these irresponsible Dominants to get taught the lesson they need, and will never forget? IS an ass-kickin’ the only answer?

In my honest opinion, they are NOT Dominants at all just someone trying to get what they want by any means they feel they can use. A GOOD Dominant will ask questions and expect honest answers, will ask for opinions and discuss Hys/His or Her opinions whether they differ from the sub/bottom/slave or not, will negotiate, will communicate WITH not to and expect the same in return … will trust until such time as they are given reason not to AND above all will show respect.

Back in 2003, I was new to D/s. I spoke to many people and absorbed the information, read books and wrote essays. I had feelings about the “gift” of submission then and still have those feelings. It is those feelings that inspired me to write this poem. Have a read and PM me with your opinions or if you wish to discuss it with me … I’m all ears.


A gift was given to Me one day

I gazed upon it lovingly not knowing what to say.
Like a rosebud opening on the first day of Spring,
you opened for Me and pleasure did bring.

you gave yourself so willingly not knowing what I would do
and for precious moments little one I merely gazed at you.
I saw a gift so fragile there taking My breath as I did stare
the gift you gave more precious than gold, hard to see and harder to hold.

But I could see it and I smiled with joy
and said to you “it is not a toy”
For you see, a gift given freely or shared
is like a soul that has been laid bare.

Tortured and beaten, weathered and scarred, marks left as reminders
by searchers unbarred. Searchers who showed no care or concern
for the gift before them they felt they had earned.

But you see, in the end a gift given in love
is a gift as precious as the stars above.
And so in the end your gift I took, and I opened it
and had a look. And what I saw took My breath away
open before Me on that day.

A treasure so tender, a treasure so rare
I thank you dear one for letting Me share.
I will treasure your gift more precious than gold,
hard to see and harder to hold.

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1 Response to Teaching Lessons

  1. syren says:

    i really like this poem. love is the most important element in the equation for me too. the gift given in love creates a bond between the two. it is unique in this world. no doubt about that. building love first (through sharing time and experiences, sharing likes and dislikes, learning and growing) is essential in making the gifts become something bigger and more profound than just a gift. when you give yourself, knowing the worth of what you are and what you give…. and when you do so with open eyes, open heart, open soul…. it is truly magical. and when You receive that gift in the same way, a union is formed. a very special union, like no other. yes. love is very important to me too…. for without love, it’s just play. nothing wrong with play. grins. but there is so much more to reach for. hugs.

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