Would you ever think of being pregnant?

…. in a nutshell … YES !!!

Given the circumstances and if it was something we really REALLY wanted. Having said that, back in 1978 my then partner and I decided to adopt a child … I was in the military and was jumped by a gang or sailors one night and gang-raped. The result of that was a wonderful 9 pound 8 3/4 ounce, 19 3/4 inch baby boy. We were told that I was not pregnant for 6 months during which time I continued playing softball, bowling and soccer (I was a goalie).

Then one morning we were laying on the couch watching TV and this non-pregnant entity kicked !!! most surprising yet most awesome feeling in the world!!! Now, in the words of my son, I am both mom and dad … and also proud Poppi to my two grandaughters

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