Things your Mom said growing up…….

“All your little friends will be wearing nice party dresses … I don’t think a cowboy outfit is appropriate!”

“Girls just don’t do that kind of thing!”

“When are you going to dress like a girl?” (ummmmmm NEVAH!!!)

“Only TWO types of women join the military … those looking for a husband and dykes!!!” (and we KNOW the answer to THAT one *grins*)

“OMG don’t you DARE tell the relatives!!!”

“When I was your age I NEVER did that!!!” (which translates roughly to … Oh hell, I did that, I just never got caught!)

“Just once you’ll shock me and go out with a boy instead of looking like one!!!” (wrong *grins*)

“Do unto others as you would have them do to you” (yep, that works)

“Most nothers fear the day their teenage daughter walks through the door and says ‘Mom, I’m pregnant’ … I dream of it happening”

“I refuse to let you ride to school with HER … she’s a dyke”

LMAO can ya tell I was always right “out” there???

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