Love Letters

There is a thread on the forums of a website I frequent that goes by this same name. It is meant to be a love letter to your yet found love. So here goes …

For You, though yet unknown …

My Dearest,

I had to put words to paper. It was the only way that they could escape my heart. You have captured it and bound it tightly and I pray you never release it from your care.

You cannot imagine what you mean to me. My world, my stars and my universe you are, my very existence.

I love everything about you. The way my fingers running through your long hair sends shivers down my spine. Your eyes which I get lost in, your lips which taste far better than any delicacy. Your brilliant mind, your comedic wit your radiant beauty, all served up in a manner that makes me certain that when you were created, the mold was destroyed for you are … perfection.

I cannot wait to hear you talk about what you have done during the day. Describing, as your head tilts gently, first to one side then the other about shopping or the book that has you wrapped in its pages. The way you tease me by running the softness of your moist tongue over those luscious lips of yours, knowing exactly what you are doing yet when called on it, feigning innocence. Eyes wide with surprise until as gradually as an incoming tide, they smile, making way for your laughter to fill the room.

I look forward to each moment that we spend together in a way I never have before. The feeling that starts off as a flutter in the depths of my stomach, grows until it can no longer be contained and explodes, the fuse lit only by you.

I have an insatiable thirst, a voracious hunger and only you can satisfy them. I wonder … are you willing to be my life-sustaining nectar? I need nothing with you in my life. You feed me with your words, quench my thirst with your honey, clothe me in your warmth and heal me with your touch.

And oh …. your touch … the very thought of it makes me go weak at the knees. The lack of hesitation that I have not known for many years. The way your fingertips tease and trace, compelling me to take you in my arms and kiss you, slow and deep as I scoop you up and carry you to our den of iniquity, our sanctuary and feast upon you.

The love we make, slow and intense or fiery and strong, leaves me gasping, unbelieving yet so sure of us. Your taste lingers on my tongue, your scent on my fingers and as we close our eyes to sleep off the weariness I relive it in my dreams. How could I not, you are my dream.

I walk a bit taller now, my eyes darting here and there hoping to catch a glimpse of you. Not knowing if our paths are destined to cross at any given time, I pray. Perhaps today we will meet and I will discard my plans and join you.

Never let it be said that angels do not exist. I know they do, for I have you.

Until we meet, my angel, my love.

Eternally yours,


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