Poetry Challenge — 9 words

Voracious, Proof, Hunger, Truth, Without, Clear, Vilify, Demand, Down

Down on your knees!

The demand flows without hesitation of hys lips.
Hys voracious need to inflict pain fills hym.

As hys fingers toy with the thin leather tails of the cat,
the hunger hy is so familiar with gnaws at hys very soul.

That hy is without care remains to be seen.
She dares to tilt her head up in an attempt to catch a glimpse of hys dark eyes.

Searching them while she can for some inkling of truth.
A chill races along her spine as the icy stare gives proof.

Sadist to her masochist it is clear.
While others seek to vilify hym,
she wants and needs what hy has to give.

And as hys hand grips her hair in a clenched fist for the first time,
She inhales deeply and begs to feel hys pain.

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