A Comedic History Lesson

As some of you know, I have a passion for history. On one of the websites I belong to, there is a thread in the forums so that people can beg for reputation points. I’ve made a few posts on it. One of the better ones is forever lost to the “I-didn’t-backup-the-site” monster but this is the one I posted today. Hope it brings a smile to your face.

*puts on a suit and holds up both hands, fingers forming a peace sign, shakes hys head in a Nixon-ish kind of way and says …

My fellow Reppers …

*runs from hys cardboard cutout of the White House press room to hys equally good cut out of the Lincoln Memorial, bounds up the steps and stops half-way up, turns and face the imaginary throng and says in a projecting voice …

I haaaave a dream …

*huffs and puffs, turns and jogs up the remaining steps of above mentioned memorial, reaches into hys black frock coat and takes out a crumpled envelope, reads the words thereon, swipes hys hand across hys forehead dispersing the beads of perspiration there and says …

“The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here”

*tucks the envelope back in hys coat, scampers down the steps, humming ‘Ride of the Valkeries’ as hy passes the Vietnam Memorial Wall and ducks back into the White House, slips off the coat, rolls up hys sleeves, grabs a cigar from hys shirt pocket and waves it at the invisible journalists …

“I did not have sex with that woman!!!”

*blinks, reaches into hys pocket taking out a box of matches (never light a pipe or a cigar with a lighter, it taints the tobacco), lights said cigar and inhales a deep draft of smoke, slowly lets it drift through hys parted lips, eyes closed as hy savours the taste then opens them and says …

My thanks to Richard Nixon, Martin Luther King, Abe Lincoln and Bill Clinton for their words. But … that last quote … something is just SO wrong with it. *laughs*
If if was me instead of Bill Clinton … or if one of you had been … would we have stood there and said …

“yep, I made love with her … and she begged me for more!!!”

… well, would we?

*chuckles and settles back in hys chair having repped as many people in the thread as hy can for the day*

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1 Response to A Comedic History Lesson

  1. AT says:


    That was utterly delight at the Forums. I am glad it made it to your Blog.


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