Twas The Night Before …..

Another of my posts from the repping thread. Thanks to Clement Moore for the inspiration. This isn’t my first parody based on his poem and I doubt it will be the last. Hope it brings you smiles.

Twas the night before Monday and all through the thread
not a creature was stirring … are they all dead?
The stockings were hung on the towel rack with care
while the butches tried hard not to stare.

The subbies were nestled all snug in their cages
while the Daddies went out to earn their wages.
So **** in her nightie and I in my strap
we decided to hell with taking a nap. *weg*

Went out the back door there arose such a noise
I leapt out of bed and shouted … “BOIS !!!”.
They tried to look innocent and they were so cute
I tried not to laugh and set down my boot.

The moon on the breast of the femme they had found
looked so amazing my jaw hit the ground.
They shuffled their feet and said with a grin
“Hey Daddi, she’s fine and she’ll let us all in!”

The pest in the middle I had no doubt
was the brat of a boi so I started to shout.
“Now Mickey and Donald and Goofy and Ed
send her home NOW and then get to bed !!!”

As the trundled right past me and up to their room
I swatted them each on the butt with a broom.
They said not a word but frowned and groaned
the last one I even heard hym moan.

I heard them exclaim as they dropped off to sleep
“Shhh … don’t make a peep.”
So I chuckled so softly and went off to read
to see which reppers were really in need.

As I finished my repping and turned off the light
I shouted to all …

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