Book Review: Butch Is A Noun

Butch Is A Noun

Butch Is A Noun

Product Description

Written by award-winning playwright and inveterate storyteller S. Bear Bergman, Butch Is a Noun picks up where gender theory leaves off. It makes butchness accessible to those who are new to the concept, and makes gender outlaws of all stripes feel as though they have come home–if home is a place where everyone understands you and approves of your haircut. From girls’ clothes to men’s underwear and what lies beyond, Butch Is a Noun chronicles the pleasures and dangers of living life outside the gender binary.

My personal thoughts

S. Bear Bergman’s book is well written, humourous and enlightening. As a butch, I laughed till I cried at parts of this book. A must read for butches and femmes alike.

*During a search for more information on S. Bear Bergman, I came across the following video. It is the author reading the introduction to hir (for those who know me, I use hy, hym and hys. S. Bear Bergman favours hir.) book.

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