A poem full of wisdom

While strolling round the net prior to publishing my last book review, I found this poem on the site of the author of that book, Lori Hope. It was originally published by Cure Magazine.

LAUGH, LEARN, LOVE – An easy way to remember what people with cancer want you to know

L isten without judging, interrupting, or feeling like you have to say something.
A sk permission to give advice, to visit, to tell others of your friend’s problems.
U nderstand that your friend is especially sensitive because of her or his trauma.
G ive it time if your friend doesn’t feel like talking or visiting now.
H umor helps almost everyone cope. Funny movies and books can help.

L et go of the myth that everyone dies of cancer; keep hope alive!
E mpathize by trying to remember a time when you were terrified.
A nalyze your audience to determine what your friend needs and enjoys.
R un interference; keep toxic friends away from the person who’s suffering.
N o horror stories – ever! They kill hope; people want to hear success stories.

L ove her and show it by considering her needs rather than your own.
O ffer specific help such as picking up groceries or his kids, or doing laundry.
V alidate him by telling him that his feelings, even negative ones, are normal.
E xercise caution by letting her bring up the subject of her health; she may want to forget.

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