A New Life And A New Look

Many of you know that I have spent the last few months involved in a makeover within Second Life. This makeover was a result of nominations, submitted by caregivers and survivors within the ACS in SL groups.

It was a long hard path, for me at least, since I am not like most of those who were nominated and chosen to take part. I am a butch, a well known fact to all that know me. I also choose to embody my avatar, my in-world persona, so that I present myself to people I meet there just as I would be in the “real world”. Meaning, I have no breasts in my day to day life, so I choose not to have them in SL. This in itself has caused issues for me and while I deal with them a lot easier now, they still sting when they occur.

Aryon, before makeover

Aryon, before makeover

When I was told that I had been nominated and won the gift of a makeover, my first thought was, “OMG do they know what a challenge this is going to be for them?”, I chuckled nervously but at the same time, I was keen to see if they could do what needed to be done. I liked my present look, the female body that as modified to the point where it caused controversy, the short hair, the mannerisms … movements made with the aid of an animation over-rider, etc. Yet here were a team of models, fashion consultants and fellow ACS members working hand in hand, with not only me but originally five others, to make us feel good about ourselves.

Along the way, I met up with two amazing people, Serenity Mercier, who was my fashion mentor, and Maddox DuPont, owner of KMADD (link to his makeover blog entry HERE) and an all-round genuine gentleman. With, for the most part, their help, I acquired a new look. They made suggestions, got to know me, listened to my opinions, desires and even my gripes when things seemed to be going bitterly wrong. Apart from whoever nominated me, it is these two generous people that I owe so much to. They got designers involved, got special items donated, took my breath away (more than once) and reduced me, unashamedly, to tears.

Aryon, after makeover

Aryon, after makeover

The makeover finale coincided with the grand reopening of the ACS sim. The mentors, models and survivor participants took to the fashion runway to the applause of all those who attended. I loved my old look, but I REALLY love my new look. So, on that note, I’d like to thank, in no particular order, the following people. Please forgive me if I miss out a name or three, I assure you it wasn’t intentional.

Poppy Zabelin, Fayandria Foley, Synergy Devonshire, Cinders Vale, Serenity Mercier, Maddox DuPont, ALL the designers and creators that were involved, the builders and planners of the new look ACS sim and last but most certainly not least, my partner, Angelika, for being the light in the distance that guided me home, who listened to me when things got to be tough, who calmed me, held me and above all, did and continues to … love me.

( For link to KMADD website and the MAD Image blog, see links on right hand side.)

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10 Responses to A New Life And A New Look

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  2. thanks for the mention aryon
    here is the entry from my blog


    talk to you soon

  3. GM Nikolaidis says:

    Awesome story Aryon, and great results. Congrats to you, and thx to Serenity and Maddox 🙂

  4. /me wipes a tear from her eyes …

    you taught me so much about courage Aryon … the courage to carry on … the courage to be who you truly are …

    luv u

  5. Aradia Dielli says:

    I am so glad you’re happy with your new look, I think you look great and both Seren and Maddy did an amazing job. Good luck with your new look and if you ever need anything, you could always IM me 🙂

  6. I love your new look Aryon, but above all I love you as a person. Thankyou for reminding us that it is not the new look alone, it’s the friendship, the listening, the understanding, and above all the acceptance that counts. That helps us to feel better about ourselves.

    See my blog: http://poppyzabelin.blogspot.com/2008/11/looking-good-helps-you-to-feel-better.html

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  8. Cinders Vale says:

    You have such a big heart,kind soul, and have always been so willing to help in any way you can. You have made a difference not only in our virtual world, but in real life too. Your strength, courage, and humor have enriched us all. Congratulations on the new look, you look fantabulous!

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