I am …. who are you?

I found this topic on the forums of a site I visit and post on a lot. I thought I’d post my list here. Why not compile your own list.

I am female
I am butch
I am Top
I am Syr
I am Sadist
I am friend
I am confidante
I am lover I am a hopeless romantic
I am a poet
I am a writer
I am bold
I am anxious
I am funny
I am serious
I am apologetic
I am a dreamer
I am blessed
I am one of a kind
I am a DJ
I am a reader
I am a chef
I am a parent
I am deep and profound
I am as old as I feel
I am caring
I am erotic
I am a cunning linguist (pun and actual meaning both intended)
I am a smart-ass
I am tactile
I am a planner of surprises
I am a knight of the old code
I am chivalrous
I am a gentlemyn
I am a student
I am thankful
I am a thinker
I am comfortable with who I am
I am complete
I am Old Guard
I am Bound in Honour
I am a musician
I am deeply in love
I am hers
I am loved
I am me
I am a fighter
I am a survivor of breast cancer

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