Happy Birthday, My Heartsong.


November 3rd, Second Life, and I stand on the steps leading up to one of my most important and most love-filled creations. It is a resemblance of Alliprandi’s music pavillion in Prague.

The reason … quite simple really. This day marks the birth of my beloved Lady and her gift had to be as special as she is. I smile as I see her name flash onto my screen, showing me that she is now “in world”. I send her a teleport and watch with a smile on my face as her avatar rezzes in front of me. After giving her the gift box I made which includes her card, a commemorative creation and a musical globe, I say softly … “If you would care to stroll up the stairs behind you … welcome to Prague.”

I wanted her day to be perfect, I believe that it was. We danced and talked and danced some more. I tried to choose the right song for this post. I believe I did.

Angelika, the angels who you are named for begged the Creator to destroy the mold when you were born, and He did. You are truely, one of a kind in every way and I love you so very much.

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