Poetry Challenge – 9 words

Life, Candle, Window, Water, Breath, Clouds, Wine, Women, Eraser

Night Windows

Hy sits by the window,
the clouds of night moving slowly
through the sky.
Upon the table next to hys chair,
remnants of memories lay untouched for months.

Hys life changed paths,
hy glances out over the water below
following the swimming reflection
of the moon across the surface
and smiles that wistful smile of hys.

Hy can count on one hand,
the women,
like each candle on the cake of hys life,
only not nearly as many,
of that hy is glad.

Hy inhales slowly,
as a certain song plays on the stereo,
hazel orbs closing slowly,
watching them dancing,
feeling it as deeply as hy feels the love hy has for her.

Hys breath,
warm and soft bathes hys lips,
as hy exhales and reaches for the glass of wine.
Hy stares at the ripples that form circles of dark red,
lost in a moment
that no eraser has the power to take from hym.

Setting the glass down,
hy reaches out and touches,
the chilled glass boundary between …
hymself and the picture of her.

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