Another rep point ditty

As some of you may know, I post on a forum thread at Butch Femme Dance all about giving and begging for rep points. I always try and make my posts fun. Here is another one.

I came, I saw, I repped a bit,
I did a little dance.
I wonder if I’ll make it,
do I have a chance?

I’d like to get a hundred balls
or maybe even more,
I won’t give up a reppin’
cuz to me its not a chore.

So please you folks with clout here
spread balls as well as cheer,
and give some points to others
who are very very near.

That magic mark looms closer
and closer every day.
I’m balanced so I’m thankful
but I think there is a way.

So here’s the deal dear reppers
I’ll write a special verse
with names and little dittys
I’ll try not to be too terse.

So give balls out with gladness
and share balls willingly
and folks that think we’re mental
will really truely see.

that what we have is fun here
we laugh and we support
we hoot and we hollar
thats all we can report.

So I am off to start my day
I’ve had my rhyming say
so here’s my wish to all of you
… happiness come what may.

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1 Response to Another rep point ditty

  1. Eden (Annabella) says:

    Another, please? 🙂

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