Happy Anniversary My Love

As I woke up a year ago and began my day, little did I realize how my life was about to change, with one word. You walked into my life with a simple “Hello” and never have I been so thankful. Your wisdom and wit, your inner strength and passion, just a few of the qualities that I love about you.

I remember telling you one night, just over a month after we met … “I want you to be happy, if that means that we have, that we continue to snuggle and talk then that’s great, if it means that the fear of the unknown frightens you so much, that’s fine too. I’m not scared … I’m petrified. Because the last time I felt like this, I was falling in love with Bear.”

I wasn’t looking for someone to take my heart in their hands, someone to hold me and love me like I never had been before, someone that accepted me just the way I am and didn’t expect me to change, even though I have, willingly. I am less volatile now, I’m not some loose cannon waiting to go off in the face of adversity. I would rather take small steps and educate those who do not or cannot understand.

We met in SecondLife and it wasn’t long before I wanted, no, I knew that what we shared was so special, so intense. You know me better than … no, thats not as true as it used to be … You know me and through you, I know myself. I have grown in so many ways. Ways that I did not think possible. For this and much more, I thank you.

Several months ago, I was talking to a mutual friend of ours and the subject of the conversation got onto anniversaries. She asked me what I would want for a first anniversary “present” and even then, those many months ago, I knew. I told her … I want to spend it with the lady I love as much as I love life, in “real life” (as opposed to SecondLife). *looks around the room hy shares with you for this moment in time and smiles softly as you read this* and I am.

I love you more deeply that I have ever loved before, more completely, more openly and more honestly. Words are sometimes hard to find, breaths are harder to take, eyes blinded by dreams open only because they know they will see you in reality, not the haze of longing that my dream-induced sleep brings. So on that note my dearest love, I will close this with a song and my eternal love and thanks.

Forever and a day, meine Liebe.

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