Poetry Challenge – 9 words

Waves, Laughter, Piece, Honey, Cream, Moon, Fairy, Diary, Coin

The Dance

Hy stands at the security gate and waves.
The ring of her laughter
fresh in hys ears.
Hy walks through the airport
hys mind awash with memories
of the moments they shared.

The spontaneity of the dance
just before she left,
her smile.
The mix of honey and cream
so smooth and delicious.
A piece of chocolate,
sweet and rich as it melts,
coating hys tongue.

Just the night before,
by the light of the moon,
through veiled windows,
they had danced.
Waltz, tango, waltz again,
flowing from one to the other
without a break.

Will she write in her diary-like blog?
Will hy take the coin and place it,
safe among the other memories?
With a sprinkling of fairy-dust,
they meet in their dreams.
Until time allows them more precious moments,

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1 Response to Poetry Challenge – 9 words

  1. Eden (Annabella) says:

    Like all of Your work….this is like a precious jewel found in a sand dune.

    Bravo, ma chere.

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