Poetry Challenge – 9 words

Enlighten, Pine, Deep, Chocolate, Laughter, Thaw, Roaring, Evening, Sample

Roaring Fire

As I thaw out,
relaxing in front of a roaring fire,
laid with split pine logs.
I hear the hiss and pop,
as the sap oozes,
breaking the silence of the evening.

The hot chocolate I sample,
reminds me of the sweetness of you.
My tongue rolls slowly over my lips
savouring the deep richness
of the present and the fond memories.
I smile, my minds camera
replaying it all in slow-motion.

The sound of your laughter
as it mingles with mine.
The ocean blue of your eyes
serve to drown me yet again.
Your love feeds my heart and soul
and you enlighten me with all that you are.

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