Poetry Challenge – 9 words

promise, edge, mountain, word, ink, home, bold, dream, sunrise

bavarian alps

Hy had made a promise
to return to the mountain,
so without a word,
hy set off,
backpack laden with essentials.

Boarding the plane,
hy looked around.
It still seemed like a dream,
but somewhere,
on the edge of hys memory,
hy knew it wasn’t.

During the flight,
hy put pen to paper.
Black ink inscribing,
bold, well thought out words
that hys mind would hold
because hy had etched them.

Arriving, to bitter cold,
hy donned hys heavy coat,
walked into her view again,
and was home.

And just as sure
as there will be
a sunrise somewhere,
hy embraces her once more
and climbs the mountain.

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1 Response to Poetry Challenge – 9 words

  1. Bebo says:

    This is beautiful and powerful. I, unlike you, am not a writer so cannot come up with great, descriptive words…. Therefore I can only say…. Holy fuck bro’…..you rock! What a talent.

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