Merry Christmas !!


As many of you know, I frequent a website called and one of the fun threads I post on is the “Begging for rep points”thread. The following poem was my Christmas gift to them. I hope you enjoy it.

Twas the night before …. with apologies to Clement Moore

Twas the night before Christmas,
when all through the thread
not a repper was stirring,
the place was dead.
The stockings were hung both nylon and other
dang those thick ones belong to her mother!

The furbabies were nestled all sung in their beds,
while visions of bones danced in their heads.
And AT in her nightie,
and I in my ….. ermmmmm … str…. ahmmmm cap … yep, cap,
Had had a nice meal and now needed a nap.

When there on the thread there arose such a noise,
that I sprang out of bed and found Maine boi. *winks*
I ran like the dickens, I did, and I tripped,
over something resembling some silky slip (petticoat).

The moon shining down on the breast of R-bug
left our own favourite Butchlei wanting more than a hug.
But rubbing my eyes and looking again
I saw PaPa out there with some sort of train.

The driver was witty, so smart and so nice
I knew I would have to rep hym twice.
More faster than bullets like jet planes they came
and hy whistled and shouted and yelled out names.

Now Kalila, now Nanners, now Sassy and TD!
On Reader, on Dallas, on Cougar and SB!
From the top of the (cappuccino) cafe to the (Gentlemyn’s) lounge down the hall,
Rep away, Rep away, Rep away ALL !

As the balls that after a good repping do lie,
all shiny and green like grass not sky.
To wait to be repped on another day
with a toss or a heave or a howdy to you.

And then in a twinkling,
I heard from afar
the sound of a harley or maybe a car
and the cowboi of asphalt shot in through the door
talking of green balls, hy wanted some more.

Hy was dressed all in leather from hys head to hys foot
and hys boots had a shine on like treasure or loot.
A pillowcase of balls hy had flung on hys back
and hy looked oh so funny with that wierd white sack.

And Satin’s eyes twinkled and Terrie was merry.
And Brigid was munching some sweet chocolate cherries.

But my fellow reppers, my words are all done
its time for me to find some more fun.
but before I go, I’d just like to say
I hope you have a GREAT Christmas Day!!

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