Getting to know me *grins*

On there is a thread for singles on the forum and it contains this survey. After noticing that not just single Butches and Femmes were filling it out, I turned my hand to it. I hope you find it both amusing in parts and informative too.


PART I – General Info

Real Name (first only): Chris

Age: 53

Astrological Sign: Pisces

Birth Date: (day only – not year): FEB 27

Location: England

Height: 5′ 8″ ish

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color: salt and pepper – short

Piercings – how many & where: 5 in total, 2 in each ear and hood

Tattoos – how many & where: 7; Dragon Kanji on top of right wrist, Melissa Etheridge’s Key to Skin on upper left arm, small Chinese dragon below that, Celtic Trinity on upper right arm, self designed tribal tribute below that, Phoenix Rising on outside of right calf, Tribal dragon entwined with white rose on outside of left calf.

Cat person or dog person: Animal person, but no pets at the moment, I enjoy AT’s puppies

Job: Medically Retired

What do you like about your job?: N/a

What do you loathe about your job?: N/a

Favorite books / authors: JK Rowling, JRR Tolkein, Patricia Cornwell, John Grisham, Tom Clancy

Favorite bands/musicians: Most music including classical, but not gangsta or rap … love Celine Dion and Melissa Etheridge

Favorite movies: Lord of the Rings Trilogy, GI Jane, The Harry Potter movies

Favorite websites: Loads of them

Favorite TV shows: No TV, but history or crime if I had one

Chocolate, Vanilla, or ALL the flavors? A bit of vanilla mixed with some others *grins*

A silly thing you do when no one is watching: not sure

What is your pet peeve: Ignorance and drama

Favorite curse word: I try not to curse any more

Favorite magazine: Diva and occaisionally Newsweek and Time

A culture that intrigues you: Japanese

Do you like to dance? I try and I have fun

If you could change a law which would it be? I’m not sure, but it would involve sex crimes against people of all ages and genders

Do you collect anything? Dragons

If you could travel back in time, which year would you visit, and why? The US Civil War Era or the Reconstruction Period. I’m a history fanatic and this is the era I study most. When I can get hold of books.

Would you ever have plastic surgery? Nope

Your idea of a good meal: I love most foods, except liver, kidneys and the like but I love AT’s German pork chops

If you could be invisible, where would you go, what would you do and what would you want to see? I don’t think I’d like to be invisible.

Introvert or extrovert: I am probably a mixture of both but more an extrovert

Dream profession: Forensic Scientist, Criminal Investigator

What are your Hobbies: reading, cooking, writing and Second Life

Do you have Phobias, what are they?: Not a real phobia, but I’m allergic to bees and other stinging insects so I steer clear of them

Do you believe in past lives? If yes, do you have any thoughts on
yours? I am not sure I believe in past lives but there have been times when I have gone somewhere I have never been and known just how to get to a certain place there without looking it up.

What do you get complemented on most often? The way I faced my being diagosed with breast cancer (but I faked it real well)

What frustrates you most often about your body, ruling out weight as an acceptable answer? It used to be my scars, but now, I’m close to fully accepting my body

If given the magical gift to make three global changes, what would
they be? REAL Peace on Earth, No starvation or thirst issues anywhere and a universal understanding of cultures

If you could walk in the shoes of one person for a day, whose shoes
would you choose? My own … I fought to walk in them.

Describe your religious / spiritual beliefs, if any: I’m not really religious, but I have spiritual beliefs

Do you generally feel understood? for the most part, yes

Would you sacrifice your life if you could save the lives of ten
thousand others? No, but I would take a bullet for the woman I love.

Biggest concern about aging: Its a fact of life, why be concerned about it?

What were you like in high school? A peaceful loner who enjoyed sports and music, a competitive swimmer and diver.

Is the idea of marriage appealing to you? It used to, but I’m not sure now.

Issues that you feel most passionate about: Breast Cancer Research

The person whose opinion matters the most to you: mine (and AT’s)

PART II: Love/Sexuality

Sexual orientation: Lesbian

How do you identify yourself (if you use and identity): Butch female

Current relationship status: in a LDR

What you look for in a partner: compatability without required change

The “type” of person you tend to attract: for the most part, good people

Number of times you’ve been in love: “in love” … twice

What surprised you most the first time you fell in love? I can’t remember back that far *laughs*

Monogamy or polyamory: Monogamous

Who would you have in your arms right now if it could be anybody in
the world? AT

Have you ever had a long-distance relationship? Yes, I’m in one now.

Have you ever had a successful long-term relationship with someone
you met online? So far, so good *grins*

Age when you had your first kiss: sheesh … I think I was about 11 and she smacked me.

Describe your best kiss: slow and teasingly tender

Describe your last kiss: sad since I was leaving but loving too

What are you most physically attracted to in women?: the eyes first, the way she pays attention to personal detail, her smile

What trait in a woman turns you off?: no eye contact, nasty teeth, bad breath (yep, I’ll tell her), nagging, drama, negativity, dishonesty, jealousy


The last person who saw you naked: AT *grins*

What are you self-conscious about naked? no

When making love, making out, or just fucking etc. do you like the
lights on or off? low lighting or candles

Three things a person has done to you in a making out or sexual
situation that really turned you on: “yes Daddi”, not ignoring my scars, mutual consideration

Three things a person has done to you in a making out or sexual
situation that turned you off: taking things too far when I need a rest, insisting on me covering my scars

Have you ever taken naked pics / videos of yourself? no

Do you have any Fetishes: not really

Name your fetishes:

Leather – yes or no?: YES !!

BDSM – yes or no?: yes

Have you ever had a one-night stand? no

How often do you masturbate? not that often

Are you trimmed, shaved, or completely natural? Natural

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