“God’s spankings”

This was posted on butchfemmedance.com by Reader, a friend and brother of mine and I had to share it. Thanks Bro!

I always thought that when I got “spanked” by God, almost instantly, that I was just being so super bad and was such a cursed soul, that I was receiving instant karma – until a beloved person pointed out to me that I was framing the thought all wrong in my own head. She said, “No. It isn’t “Instant (bad) Karma”, it is a blessing, you idiot.” I said, “How do you figure?” And she said, “Because it means you are special to God and he is paying attention to you enough to give you a quick course correction, right now, in this life. And look at how gentle he is being about it.” I really took that in. Just sharing this with you all because it happened recently and it made an impact on me. I just hope I can remember it, and also STOP doing the things for which I NEED course corrections!

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