Poetry Challenge – 9 words

forward, light, kindle, palm, deep, sacrifice, energy, thunder, pine

Seeking a guiding light,
hy tries desperately to kindle a flame.
The cold stealing hys energy
as hy tilts hys head to the drumroll of thunder.
At last, the flint spark holds
and a sigh melts the frost
that glosses hys lips.

Hys palm shelters the flicker
that dances on tiptoe with each long stride.
Edging forward,
the scent of pine seeps
through frozen nostrils
tears forming icicles
that shatter
with the tight clench of hys bold jaw.

And somewhere,
between sunset and dawn
hy takes the final step.
Realizing how deep hy has gone,
hy looks around at the blizzard of purity
and offers hys soul to her as a sacrifice,
to be fed upon forever and a day.

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