Welcome to 2009 !!

This was my New Years posting on the repping thread at butchfemmedance.com. I hope you like it.


As 2009 begins, I have several wishes and a few dreams too, but for all of you, my fellow reppers …

May all your balls be GREEN not BLUE.
May every wish you make come true.
May peace and love be there each day,
as you travel along your way.
I wish you joy that knows no bounds.
I wish you a world full of happy sounds.
I wish you positivity
combined with this … prosperity.
I wish you food upon your table
and jobs that remain very stable.
I wish for you a guiding light
that shines oh so very bright.
But most of all I hope you dream
don’t wring your hands and stomp and scream.
Look forward not back as days go by
don’t worry or fret or even sigh.
I have a feeling for me and you
MLK* had a dream and IT came true.
It is time for a change throughout the lands
beat the drums and pound the pans.
The future looks bright and to quote a smart man
I think we can do it.
“YES WE CAN” !!!

*MLK = Martin Luther King Jr.

Bound in Honour and her love,


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