Poetry Challenge – 9 words

gesture – nocturnal – press – poise – refrain – fragile – dare – forget – inspire

to the refrain of nocturnal sounds
that scamper and flutter outside hys window,
hy searches for something to inspire hymself.

A futile gesture in itself
yet perhaps,
somewhere out there,
hy will find it.

Closing hazel eyes hy gasps,
her vision fills hys mind,
feminine poise,
not as fragile as one might assume.

A press of palms to frozen glass
sends a shiver through hym
and hy blinks a photograph
lest hy forget her warmth.

Doth hy dare to desire?
Hys dreams becoming a reality
as words find page,
and hy flies.

Window opens,
hy becomes one with the night
hys mind flowing across earth and sea
to her.

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