Poetry Challenge – 9 words

lust, fury, score, glow, pick, elegant, siren, back, time

The fire raged with a fury,
hissing and snapping like a coiled snake.
The hellish glow
that crept out of the fireplace
lit the room like an eerie sunset.

Hy watched her pick at the delicacies,
so elegant in her appearance and her ways
that hy fought to breathe silently,
and lost.

Two score and thirteen,
a good age.
Hard life showed in hys eyes,
but her’s …
they sparkled,
even before,
they captured the flickering of the firelight.

She was like a siren,
that sits on a rock and calls.
Luring, teasing, tempting,
then slipping from her perch
and swimming in their arms.

Lust for life drove hym,
through the waves of time,
to the warm haven of her arms.
Only then,
was it safe to look back and smile.

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