Poetry Challenge – 9 words

I guess by now you all know how much I enjoy the poetry challenges on ButchFemmeDance and Butch-Femme.com. The following is my latest endevour from B-F.com, I hope you enjoy.

Cherry ~ Symphony ~ Dangerous ~ Seduce ~ Heat ~ Share ~ Silk ~ Sweet ~ Tart

To her, hy seemed dangerous.
The type that would seduce her,
share the heat of a moment
and then disappear forevermore.

Yet, for some unknown reason,
she found herself falling.
Deeper and deeper,
into the sweet symphony of hys words.

Hys tongue was smooth as silk.
Leaving her wanting more
of the tart, potent feeling.
The shivers that rushed up her spine.

Her eyes filled with tears as she remembered.
The tip of her own sensitive tongue darting,
glossing her cherry lips.
To her, hy was dangerous.

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