Poetry Challenge – 9 words

Same words, new poem … I don’t know why some words beg to be included in a poem and others struggle and strain when faced with capture by the poetic muse. But here is a second poem using this weeks nine words from ButchFemmeDance.com.

tomorrow, far, sting, pure, gentle, tale, edge, mark, abstract

Shall I tell you a tale?
It may be as abstract
as pavement cracks
or as jagged as a cliff edge.
It might sound smooth,
like the softest silk
from the Far East.
No matter …
it will chime like bells
calling legs to hasten
or thud
like a dull axe against wood.
Upon analysis,
it will seem fictional.
But mark my words …
there is no such thing as
And yet,
gentle winds kiss
and pure waters caress
the wounds of yesterday.

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