Poetry Challenge – 9 words

I was in the mood to write so I went back through the Poetry Challenge thread on ButchFemmeDance and found a set of 9 words and wrote another poem with them. I hope you like it.

mountain chill speed trust echoes preservation stillness out history

Ben Nevis, Scotland

They had a history.
It was one of trust, really.
Hy trusted her not to let go as hy moved,
slowly, lovingly, carefully.
And she,
trusted hym not to leave scars
that would bring a chill to her old bones.

The stillness brought peace to hys soul
at a time when others were crying out.
Hissing echoes with the speed of light
causing hym to look up along her curves
catching a glimpse of her hair,
that in the setting sun looked grey, not white.

others that had scaled her,
moving inch by inch over her body
had vowed like hymself to guard her as best they could.
And she,
gave them the ride of their lives,
that surge of adrenalin they all sought.

One day,
I’ll scale her heights again.
Revel in her glory,
stand atop her and in awe,
marvel at the vista she,
this wonderful mountain

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