What’s on your mind this minute?

This is a thread on ButchFemmeDance, and this was what I just posted. This like many other days is one that will be remembered by all Americans if not all the world. This was the day that the first man of colour took the oath of office and became President of the United States.

What is on my mind at this minute? That is an easy question to answer.
President Obama
On this historic day, having watched our new President inaugurated I am so very proud to be an American. A country where during my lifetime, I have seen men and women of colour oppressed, pushed to the back of buses, told they cannot shop in certain stores, eat in certain restaurants or if they do … they are served in a different section away from “fellow Americans”.

A country where a man of colour with a dream stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and shouted out to an ocean of faces about that dream. A modern Moses leading “his” people.

And today, a newer Moses takes the torch and leads the way.

It is a new day with hope casting its light on not only the USA but the world.

A toast, to the USA, to President Obama … “In the words of our new President … YES WE CAN!!!”

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