Poetry Challenge – 9 words

My latest contribution to the ButchFemmeDance thread of the same name.

laughter, rain, dance, waterfall, rock, leaves, clouds, parade, seasons

Perched neatly upon the rock
hy waits.
Eyes filled with laughter
as the rain,
falls not from clouds
the colour of charcoal ashes,
but from the waterfall
that roars like a lion
on the Serengeti.

While in front of hym,
on the ripples,
leaves dance.
Twirling, dipping,
weaving and gliding
as they proclaim
the change of seasons.
Heralding the coming
of winter.

The rainbow ribbons
that thread their way
through the bouncing fingertips
of branches above,
lead the parade.
Reds, golds and browns
intermingle along the route
as hy,
the lone spectator,
cheers them onward.
With hys wistful smile.

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