Poetry Challenge – 9 words

Another piece from ButchFemmeDance using the same words but following a different thought from my mind to my fingers.

laughter, rain, dance, waterfall, rock, leaves, clouds, parade, seasons

They dance slowly
until oblivious to anyone
or anything around them
they fall in their own footsteps
heads high in the clouds
laughter falls like rain

Later as they parade
through rooms clothed only in a
shimmering veil induced by the
intensity of their dance
they speak in whispers
since silence was not a thought

Gliding across the cool slate floor
the blue-grey rock glossed
like their backs
they move as one
tap yeilding a waterfall
silver spoon bringing a blizzard
of sugar
with which coffee will blend
then bathe them in warmth

While outside
seasons fade then bloom
they blossom then fade
but time
marching endlessly
them behind in their moment

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