For no other reason …

Sometimes we feel emotions that roll over us like the ripples that kiss the shore as the tide eases itself in. At other times, they sweep over us, overwhelming us and carrying us away like a tsunami. With luck, they are wonderful and they bubble and erupt like a blossom of fireworks in a pitch black sky.

I am a hopeless romantic, my emotions roam free like a wild mustang galloping across the plains. Rearing and thundering along, not wanting to be fenced in or tamed. Rising and setting as surely as the sun does each day. They are part of who I am, a component that makes me unique even though they are the same emotions that many of you feel. The reason is simple, we all show our emotions, IF we show them at all, in different ways.

I write poetry that hopefully helps others envisage my emotions. Perhaps it paints a picture in their mind, or reminds them of a time when they felt the same way and perhaps could not express it.

I’ve chosen to share with you a video that means a lot to me. There was a time I thought I was a beast. Not beast as in animal or someone horrible and contemptible, but somehow a misfit. That time was not so very many years ago, but through the eyes of ‘my’ beauty, ‘my’ angel, I have come to realize that I am very lucky and not ‘so’ bad after all.

To her I dedicate this song.

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