Poetry Challenge – 9 words

Another contribution from butchfemmedance. This one more difficult for me since the words inspired my emotions in many ways and there seemed to be a handful of poems begging for a chance to be written. This may well be the first and last, but should more follow, this one is a celebration, for it escaped first for you to partake of. I hope you enjoy.

moonlight, reflecting, horizon, wall, tree, glance, stirring, wisp, shadow

As moonlight streams in through the window
fireflies of dust dance
in and out of the web of shadow and light
and finger like branches of the gnarled tree
draw nightmarish portraits
on the bare wall that go unnoticed
at least for the moment.

Only after a second glance
is the imperceptible stirring seen
and then
merely because the distant light
of a star twirls
reflecting itself in the sheen
that beads upon hot flesh.

Out on the horizon
scarlet hues blend like grenadine in orange juice
announcing dawn
to those who tangoed the night away
to the musical tones of sighs and moans
and lay tangled in a lover’s knot

As if to greet the waking birds
a silent thought passes between them
a kiss lingers
a wisp of hair separating
then binding them
as human bridges arch
to span the river of passion again.

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