Poetry Challenge – 9 words

Oh how I love the challenge offered on the “9 word” thread at ButchFemmeDance. Sometimes the poem flows like a babbling brook yet other times, I battle to extract the feelings to make some sense out of the words.

I hope you like today’s contribution. The words given were …

Craving, Fluid, Finesse, Sea, Vibrant, Scale, Whisper, Rose, Soar


Sitting within the mouth of the cave
I listen to the scale that crescendos
as the sea rolls past the teeth
that rise up from the floor
to almost gnash against those suspended above.

Fluid white hair curls around rocks
with such finesse that one might imagine
lovers legs entangled within clean white sheets
the whisper of skin against cotton
barely heard.

Vibrant colours fill the sky
as the sun sets rose hued
against thunderheads that rumble
to awaken the gulls that soar
over the waves.

Craving nourishment
they duck and weave like dolphins
plummeting into the water then rising
beaks full of tiny fish while I
rummage hand in pocket.

Fingers clasping slivers of chocolate
that fall softly upon my tongue
bathing it in sweetness
that is reminiscent of love’s nectar
and just as pleasing.

Tide rises as booted feet ascend
seaweed clad rocks till
at long last grass cushions
hold me as I lay entranced
with the stars above.

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