Angelryon Open Mic Night – 19 Feb 2009

Each Wednesday, we hold an open mic night. Members can read original poems, stories, sing or anything along those lines. Last week I asked those present to contribute 2 words and from them, I would chose one word from each person and compose a poem. However, only 5 people gave me words, so I used all but one of those given.

These are the words:
meaning, wealthy, scarred, world, thunderstorm, exquisite, sublime, embarrass, advanced

Hy sits, staring out of the window.
The scarred landscape bleeds before hym
stretching for miles.
Advanced in years, hy’s seen it all and it takes a lot to embarrass hym.
Yet, as exquisite flares of lightening peel away the darkness for brief moments, hy scans the horizon searching for a sign.
Something that will make sense of the insane rage that overcomes hym every time hy picks up the newspaper.
What is the meaning of all this?
What is happening to the once lush world?
Fires rage, leaving putrid ashes behind that will make the wealthy even moreso.
Wars engulf nation after nation succeeding
in their attempt to turn the sublime into the ridiculous.
There was a time when hy was younger that hy would hide away from such inclemencies but now, the thunderstorm, with its flashes and growling rumbles brings peace.
Allowing hym time to get lost in hys imagination once more.

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