Angelryon Open Mic Night – 4 Mar 2009

Open mic night is one of my favourite nights as far as planned events at Angelryon are concerned. I contributed on the 19th of Feb and collected words for the next open mic evening. I did not attend, since Angelika was over visiting so I used the words to present this weeks contribution. I never say I will use all the words, but I managed to use all but four in this poem.

The words given by the members of Angelryon were:
Teardrop, Forest, musical, sorcerer, Surface, inject, Blush, Fear, serendipitous, breathtaking, desire, quickly, candid, Dimensions, ** Damage, ** caramba, ** woowoo, outspoken,
certainty, haunting, Loquacious, Plethora, persnickety, ** ostentatious

Those words preceded by ** are the ones I did not include.

As we stroll through the forest of haunting buildings
that rise from the surface displaying their dimensions
in that quiet yet outspoken way that only European architects know how to do.

The musical lilt that at times is loquacious, a plethora of noises that mean nothing to me except for the occasional a-no or ne, dobri den or prosiam.

A blush warms her cheeks. A teardrop leaks from the corner of her eye, a hand darts quickly up to make it disappear as if by the magic of a sorcerer. Her breathtaking beauty a certainty capable of raising the elegance of a place even to those persnickety snobs who congregate in the so called POSH places.

A glance of her ocean blue eyes can inject fear or instill candid desire and as we walk along the serendipitous streets of Bohemian Prague I give thanks with no word, just a simple smile, for each priceless moment we share.

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