Female Identified Butches?

Back in December 2008, I stumbled across a somewhat laid-by-the-wayside thread on ButchFemmeDance entitled “Female Identified Butches?” The following was my response, written after browsing through the thread.

Hmmmmmm … reading the dates on most of this thread, I think its gone by the wayside … BUT … for the record, I am a female identifying butch, I don’t wish to be male and while I use pronouns such as hy, hys, hym and Syr (due to my Old Guard teachings), I do not wish to be seen as male. Masculine yes, by all means, but FFS, I’m female.

Since 2001, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy, I find it more difficult. It would seem that having breasts is definitely a symbol of being female. Well, I hate to burst those idiots bubble.

I pack, use a strap-on, wear male clothes and boots and keep my hair short. The latter being something I came to love during my battle with the breast cancer and chemo thing.

I never had a problem, like some butches have with monthly cycles and female parts of my anatomy either.

But … just recently, while in Prague, I had something happen to me that if, I was not secure in my butchness, would have sent me reeling. As it was, due to the fact that AT is relentlessly teasing me about it, I get embarrassed but can laugh about it too.

I love being a woman and I love being a butch and while I don’t find fault in those of my persuasion that ID as male, I am extremely comfortable with who I am.

Thus endeth the sermon *grins*

Bound in Honour and her love,



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