Poetry Challenge

This weeks words on the poetry challenge at ButchFemmeDance were what I refer to as “fun” words. After so much sleep lately, my brain must have needed some of these “fun” words because my contribution flowed so easily. I hope you enjoy it.

Popcorn, air, halo, Taxi, fire, bonus, wood, just, haze

Leaping out of the taxi and feeling as if I have arrived for the first time, I wander over to the door. Ringing the buzzer just as my instructions said, I heard her voice peel through the air. Pushing the flat of my hand against the heavy wood, I enter and meander up the seemingly endless stairs, my suitcase bouncing along behind me, its hard wheels sending echoes up and down the stairwell. She stands in the doorway, the smell of popcorn filling the air. How could she have known I’d be peckish? Luggage unpacked and stored away, we sit in the halo of the fire and nibble the warm kernels as we talk, occasionally placing another chunk of wood on the fire. Through the faint haze of smoke, I lean over and steal a kiss, a bonus of my visit.

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