Angelryon Open Mic Night – 11 Mar 2009

Open Mic Night again at Angelryon and having collected words last week, I simply found that they were crying out for something a bit deeper than a poem. I dabbled throughout the week until mere hours before the event was to take place, I completed my contribution. As you will see, it is something a bit out of the ordinary for me, but also a piece that I am both surprised and pleased with. I hope you are too … enjoy.

The words contributed by the other members of Angelryon were:
branch, whiskey, tenuous, pious, Fire, Hat, Delectable, Scrumptious, Hysterical, Manic, Peaches, Fruit, Prank, Horrible, voluptuous, sensuous, Rodeo, Cadillac

and this … is what I made with them.
The old 1947 Cadillac purred as if she was right off the dealer’s floor as hy started her engine. Hys right hand reached for the NY Yankee’s baseball cap resting on the seat beside hym and nestled it upon hys short cropped hair. Hy wasn’t normally a hat person, aside from hys Stetson which hy loved and always reminded hym of a time when dungeons smelling of musk and sweat were almost a daily part of hys life. A time when, had hy known then what hy knew now hy might have listened to the fire that hissed and crackled within hym a little more closely.

Hy was what some might call pious. Bound to hys calling like a member of a sacred order. In many ways, it was just that, a sacred order, but one born of blood, sweat, pain and tears, not deities and Gods. Traditions and military-like rituals learned many years before were recalled again to fill hys life. Hys word was hys honour and while hy was still awkward at doing so, hy felt … no, wanted and even tried to teach others, somehow always seeming to fall just short of the high aims and expectations hy set for hymself.

The light at the intersection turned red, booted foot slowly depressed the brake and the tank of a car slowed to a stop. Hy leaned over, opening the glove compartment and blindly fingered a reminder of hys past, an empty bottle of branch water whiskey that hy had downed in almost one mouthful when, trying to calm the manic grief that raged through hys body and soul. The blare of a horn jerked hym out of hys dream and flicking the hinged door closed, hy slid hys foot off one smoothly worn pedal onto another and gently edged the highly polished car forward.

Veering onto the joining lane of the interstate, hy fingered the knob of the old car’s radio, picking up some country station and humming quietly to hymself as the asphalt brought an almost animal-like whine to the tires. Hy despised this new road surface that they claimed was quieter and mused that they never drove on it before they made their claims. Hy would stop in about an hour for a coffee to clear hys head and quench hys caffeine addiction before continuing hys journey.

Having slaked hys thirst, hy headed back to hys car and it was only then that hy stopped, hand reaching out to open the truck stop door. Hy tilted hys head slowly to one side, listening attentively. It was, hy was certain of it, hy turned slowly in hys own footsteps, hand flowing to hys side and walked back into the eating area. Hazel orbs scanned the room until hy saw her, sitting at a table in the far corner, tenuous hands balled into defiant fists, her emerald green eyes hysterical.

Hy knew hy shouldn’t interfere, hy had to be in Denver by morning for the rodeo and hy so hated rushing a drive. But something about her tone of voice, her eyes, screamed at hys inner being that hy had to, that something just wasn’t right. So after inhaling a slow, deep breath, hy strode across the dining area and paused just short of the table, waiting for the right moment. Hy didn’t have to wait long … the thunderous voice of the beast of a man sat across the table from her roared like a full force hurricane … “WHY YOU LITTLE TEASE … who the hell do you think you’re playing with?” The bear paw of a hand lifted back off the table top and started forward and in a flash, hy moved, pushing the man’s chair hard with hys legs hys hand blocking the flying fist and telling her in a calm voice … “Go out to my car, I still have the same one.”

Hy said nothing to the glaring hulk but turned and walked swiftly out to hys car, swinging open first her door, closing it once she was safely seated then hys, sliding behind the wheel. They rode in silence for what seemed several hours when suddenly she started jabbering inanely. Hys hand moved with ease to rest upon her delectable thigh and gave it a gentle squeeze. “Slow down and catch your breath, we have plenty of time.” She nodded and hy heard her inhale softly before she began to speak again, her voice more controlled and steady, gaining in confidence as she sketched a picture of the events that led up to their meeting again in such strange circumstances.

A prank that started off well went wrong in the most horrible way and she had been left stranded in the middle of God-knows-where. She had walked as far as her stilettoed feet would carry her then flopping down in the most unladylike fashion on the side of the road, she had removed her shoes. Her toes wiggled in the cool autumn air as she remembered hearing all her life about the dangers of “hitching” but she had to get to civilization so she really had no choice. Standing slowly, she faced the oncoming traffic and stuck her right hand out, thumb extended, fingers curled into a natural loose fist.

Hy let her continue as hy listened in silence, glancing at her briefly out of the corner of hys eye. Her hand was now resting on hys as she spoke, more hesitantly. Hy knew of course of her sexuality, they had once been as close to lovers as hys “creed” would allow. Hy remembered intimately her voluptuous body as she lay back against hys cross, how her ever pert nipples engorged themselves like ripening cherries as she became more aroused with each kiss of hys singletail or each thud of hys flogger. How her sensuous moans made hym shiver inwardly as the pain, hys pain, dealt out intently for hys pleasure began to turn her on.

Hy shuddered behind the wheel, and spoke, interrupting her for the first time … “I need to stop again … for coffee.” She moved her hand from hys and spoke so softly if felt like a gentle breeze upon hys ears … “yes Syr.” Hy drove on to the next exit, and pulled off. Hys hand on the door handle as hy stopped and turned to face her, realizing for the first time that she was watching hys every move. Her scrumptious lips moist and shining in the late afternoon sun. Hy smiled at her and opened hys door, closing it then walking round to open her’s. “Girl … do you remember it like I do?” hy said as hy closed her door and turned to walk away, leaving her wondering if hy really wanted to hear her response.

She followed, slowly, almost hesitantly putting one foot in front of the other, hy waited, gentleman that hy was, at the door and opened it as she neared. Hys hand went to the small of her back as she moved past hym and they walked in together as if they always had been. Sitting in a booth, side by side, hy slid hys hand along her thigh, fingers painting delicate brush stokes upon her satin skin. Hy turned hys head and looked at her, her bottom lip sucked in, without a doubt hy knew, her teeth were biting down on it to suppress a moan. Hy finally spoke again … “Girl … do you remember it like I do?” … “yes Syr, I do” she said, her voice trembling. “Good” was all hy said.

The homely waitress made her way over to them and hy ordered for them both, knowing what she preferred. As hy chatted idly with the over friendly waitress, hys fingers moved higher, pushing her silk thong aside and teasing her. She made no move to stop hym, but then, hy had been her first Syr and in her heart, she would always be hys girl. They drank their coffee and as hy drained hys mug, the waitress, who looked as if she had worked 4 straight shifts would move over to the booth and refill hys mug. She, the girl, sipped at her’s but then hy knew that she was concentrating on not moving or making a sound. She knew how hy liked it, what pleased hym. Finally, hy slid hys hand over the top of the mug as the waitress made another move to refill it and leaned close to the girl and whispered … “hadn’t you better go out to the car now?”

She nodded silently, her eyes glazed and hy slid out of the booth, allowing her to stand, she placed one hand on the table in a vain attempt to steady herself on legs of jello, smoothed her skirt and exhaled. She walked quickly out of the truck stop leaving hym to settle the bill. Hy walked out to the car, a brown paper bag clutched in hys hand. She was already sitting in the car, waiting for hys permission to release the pent up feeling in her loins. Hy took hys time getting in and reached over to put the paper bag on the back seat. “S-s-syr, may I ask whats in the bag?” Hy chuckled darkly and simply replied, “fruit”. She nodded and sat, literally on pins and needles, her breathing ragged now.

It wasn’t far to the turnoff for her home and hy knew that if hy said the wrong thing, hy would lose her again as hy had once before and that would never do. As the car crept out of the parking lot, hy spoke in that husky voice that hy knew drove her wild … “give me what is mine, girl” and as the words left hys lips, her body gave way and fed hys with her release. Leaving the interstate, hy looked around, regaining old bearings, recalling landmarks of years past. Hy pulled up outside her house and turned off the purring engine, turned sideways in hys seat and rested hys arm along the back of it, hys fingers delicately toying with her curls.

Finally, hy reached over to the back seat and gripped the crumpled folds of the top of the paper bag and drew it towards hym. Hy tilted hys head to one side in that quirky way that hy had and smiled as hy offered her the bag. She held out her trembling hands … “For me, Syr?” she said softly. “Yes, my girl … peaches, for old time sake.” She smiled the brightest smile hy had seen all day, leaned over and kissed hys cheek before getting out of the car … “Yes my Syr” she said and dashed happily into her house.

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  1. RaiulBaztepo says:

    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

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