Relay For Life of SecondLife – 2009 Kick Off

Welcome back my friends to a show that never ends … so sang Emerson, Lake and Palmer many moons ago. Relay For Life is an annual event that occurs in the real world, offline and also within the virtual world of SecondLife. Today was the kick off party for the 2009 RFLofSL and for the first time since I came to SL, I was there as a captain of a team.

The Angelryon Saloon Dawgs RFLofSL team may not raise the most money, we may not have the best campsite and we may not attract the attention of the RFL “big-wigs” but we will have fun knowing we are helping to find a cure, and THAT is what RFL, is all about.

As a survivor of breast cancer, I know how important it is to find the cure, small steps, one by one. People working together for a common goal that will change the lives of many.

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