Poetry Challenge – 9 words

I paid a visit to Butch-Femme today and while perusing the poetry challenge thread was drawn to several sets of words. I decided to make one or two of my uncommon contributions. Uncommon, because for the most part, I am rarely seen in the threads there. It is not that I dislike the site, for I don’t. It is simply that other things and people fill my life now and like many, I have moved on to pastures of a different sort. I still visit those old chewed up fields, but less frequently than before.

Here are the words that compelled me to write:
frantic, winter, goddess, necrotic, symphonies, diamonds, passion, language, picture

As the Goddess of winter bares the bones of my necrotic fingers to the speedway of bitter winds, I drown in warm pools of blue as I think of her eyes. The picture that I carry everywhere with me speaks in a language only we speak. Frantic searches for unheard symphonies send me scouring through files that never seem to loose their passion, yet, they have remained untouched for years. They say, that “diamonds last forever”, but who needs mere diamonds, when her love heals and keeps me safe from all that is negative.

The second set of words are:
Dance Tomorrow Looking Arms Air Right Lean Tangle Shout

Shall I hold you within my arms and dance you into tomorrow?
Will I beckon moans to slip over your moist lips and cover up the chimes of midnight?
Looking across the table I see a vision capable of stealing the air right out of my lungs.
But should I lean across and dare to caress your soft cheek or wait until later, when amidst the chimes and skyrockets, we tangle up the sheets as we dance?
Will you shout my name from rooftops, or moan it to me in the hushed silence of our bed?

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