Poetry Challenge 9 words

Again, I listen to my muse and words flow effortlessly. A visit to the poetry challenge thread on ButchFemmeDance yields another contribution to this blog. The words this week planted the seed of imagery within me, interacting with the soul of my muse and leading to what follows. I hope you enjoy.

The words this week were:
mystic, poetry, Atlantis, pods, breaking, granite, spiritual, alabaster, shoe


As mystic and mythical blend with the spiritual and the mournful whistles that resound from pods of dolphins playing in the blue expanse, I sit, upon a granite boulder, beholding the splendorous vista. In fair Atlantis, did poets dream as I do, lazing in the sun as rapturous words flow from my quill? Did their poetry take people somewhere else, away from breaking waves that as ripples, started? My hand caresses the translucent shard of alabaster I found during my aimless wanders along this shore. Holding it up to the sun as if to show it off, I wonder, was this a remnant of some statue past? I wonder if standing in a pair of stone shoe like sandals is hard on the legs? Perhaps, if I find Atlantis in my dreams, I’ll learn the answer to that one. Perhaps, if I dare to delve into the unknown, I’ll find many more answers. Laying back on the boulder, I close my eyes and dream.

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