Poetry Challenge – 9 words

Having visited the 9 word challenge thread on Butch-Femme, I fond the following words offered as a tempting appetizer that fed my muse and left me inspired. I hope you like it.

The words offered and my resulting poem follow.

Rumor ~ Melt ~ Elixir ~ Repose ~ Taut ~ Brazen ~ Original ~ Defer ~ If

Oh, sweet elixir of love
that moistens my lips
settles upon my tongue
like dewdrops upon rosebuds
in the rising sun.

To feel her body become taut
‘neath me as moans grow into
cries of passion
brazen yet angelic she lays
within peaceful repose
as she begins to melt
from the heated dance.

She is original,
and if a rumour should befall my ears,
I would defer it back to the sender
for I know there would be no truth in it.

And so, my angel,
feed my soul with your whispered words
dance again with me to music only we hear
and drape my entirety with your elixir again
so that I may live again.

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