Angelryon Open Mic Night – 25 March 2009

Following the posting of this weeks words on BFD and the subsequent leaving thereof, I decided that the members, “our” family at Angelryon deserved to share the poem I wrote using them.

The poem itself, while relevant to Angelryon, was penned with both BFD and Angelryon in mind.

The words I posted were:
Place, Conundrum, Detail, Soar, Building, Race, Phoenix, Delve, Seeking


With the building of this place
people will come, have come.
Facing a conundrum perhaps,
wishing to delve deeper
within themselves and the meaning of “the dance”.
An innocent mark left in passing
upon the doorway to one’s soul
that sets us all, this grand family, apart.
That minute detail that to many is not tiny or unnoticeable.
That thing about us that makes people stare, frown, cross to the other side of the road, even.
Even those who profess to be the same as us may hide.
Lacking the understanding or denying, like imitation Judas’.
So my brothers, my sisters …
stand tall, walk the hard path, the high road.
Race forward, soar higher.
Rise like the phoenix from the ashes and go forth,
seeking that place, wherever it is that can bring solace, peace and security.

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