Poetry Challenge – 9 words

Ah … my muse has inspired me to write again … tugging at the words so that they may mingle with the virtual ink on the poetry challenge thread on Butch-Femme. With a flourish, I adorn my work with my bold signature in hope that someone will be touched by my thoughts.

exchange ~ clothing ~ photographs ~ affects ~ lasting ~ important ~ community ~ nature ~ blossom

The nervous exchange of photographs takes place.
This simple yet important action
may have lasting effects,
like the beat of a butterfly’s wings.
The clothing one chose to wear
the day the snapshot was taken,
what story does it narrate?
What affects does it have?
Does it strike a harmonic chord of the heartstrings
or pluck a singular note
that is unpleasing to the ear?
As dawn breaks and nature awakens,
buds, appealing to the eye, blossom.
A community of two becomes one.

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