Midnight dawns to the light of moonbeams that dance through the stars and find their way in past gauze-netted windows only to settle upon your skin.

My eyes befall you, hazel orbs whose veils open and close in slow, erotic blinks as they devour every inch, each ounce of your body and soul.

As meandering fingers trace the rivulets that form the sensuous curves of your nakedness, I breathe you in, drawing life from you knowing now what it feels like to love.

Holding myself up on one jello elbow, my eyes and fingers pause their flow. Holding you right there, as I, afraid to breathe, run fiery hot tongue over lips that hold your deliciousness as if it were glued to them for all eternity.

I feel your muscles tense, hear the rumble of a moan as it bubbles, seething up from the depths. Your lips part to make way for first the gasp, as if you are surprised and then, the half-stifled cry that explodes when you exhale.

As sleep steals in, slithering under the crack of the door, creeping stealthily across the carpet, and pounces upon us in slow-motion, we melt deeper into one another, your head resting upon my chest as if you are being lulled into slumber by the beat of my heart. And I, arm draped round your silky shoulders that bare themselves to the stars that peek in, searching for moonbeams.

Journey with me into dreams that meet like friends on a street corner, happy and smiling and end like passionate lovemaking, hot and breathless.

Hours later I awaken, sunlight cascading through wafer-thin gaps in Niagara-mist curtains and I smile. Feeling before seeing that we are still cocooned together, sheets forming our wings as they spread and furl with each merged breath. Nestled as we were when dreamland opened her gates and welcomed us with open arms.

My tongue quenches sleep parched lips, allowing me to savour your taste once more. Your beauty having shorn my words as neatly as a haircut and you softly whisper “good morning”.

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