“I Miss You”

I thought I would let you know that this poem is composed around song titles. Each phrase enclosed by quotation marks is in fact the “title of a song”. I had fun with this piece. I hope you like it.

“SOS”, I’m sending out an “SOS”
so you know that “without you” here
nothing is the same.

It seems like “yesterday” that
I stood looking out the window
as the taxi sat at the “end of the road”
waiting on the light to change.

Oh, “I wish you were here”.
“These eyes” long for the vision
you give them and
“nothing compares 2 U”.

“You” have the “lips of an angel”.
Your love has caused the smoldering
ember in my heart to burn brightly again.
But “the flame” has never known such strength.

You are “always on my mind”
and I’m “here without you”
and as the rain spatters
and darkness seeps in
there “ain’t no sunshine”
except in my dreams.

“I guess that’s why they call it the blues”
because “every time you go away”
my days and nights are empty.
I become “the king of wishful thinking”
spending all the time you are “gone”
doing everything on “needles and pins”.

So “when will I see you again”?
No, “don’t speak” just yet.
“even now” I hear the “words”
as they drift through time and space
settling here with me as I
“on bended knee” await you
the “tears of a clown” streaking my cheeks.

It seems weeks since I said
“goodbye my lover” as you
dashed out the door but
soon, so soon,
you will “smile for me”
again and I will hold
the answer to “the riddle”
in my arms once more.

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