Save The Ta-tas !!!

Recently, my girlfriend traveled to the US and brought back the April 2009 issue of Curve Magazine. While reading it (OMG I love this mag and I SO don’t browse through it), I saw the following “blurb” written by Ainsley Drew and I HAD to share it with you.


Close to Our Hearts

Julia Fiske witnessed how breast cancer doesn’t just inflict physical damage–it erodes self-esteem, challenges femininity and wounds the spirit. Two of her family members suffered the pain of losing both breasts to the disease, and Fiske was struck by the way this affected their minds as well as their bodies. But Fiske–an experienced fashion designer for the likes of Levi’s–wasn’t about to take cancer’s insults lying down. Using equal parts management skills and moxie she set forth to found Save the Ta-tas, a unique and good-natured approach to eradicating breast cancer. Featuring a subtle and ingenious logo, Save the Ta-tas sells hats, T-shirts and tanks, with 5 percent of each sale going toward organizations like the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. On top of tops, Ta-tas also created Boob Lube, a soap designed to be used in the shower while performing your monthly breast exam.In swanky scents like cedar rose, and with examination instructions conveniently located on the bottle, it’s a classy and savvy way to take the fear out of the monthly grope. As of last August, the company has launched a sister foundation, the Save The Ta-tas Foundation, which donates money to organizations that work to educate, prevent and find a cure for breast cancer. Ta-tas is tireless in their efforts to squelch the stigma of the disease, and to get it off of our chests forever. The company’s mission has caught on with celebrities including Scarlett Johanssen, Lindsey Lohan, Marlee Matlin and Camryn Manheim–proof that across all walks of life, cancer can be devastating, but laughter heals.

credit: Curve Magazine

Personally, I would LOVE to have one of these T-shirts or tank tops, and while I am thankful for people like Julia Fiske and their wonderful ideas and their dedication that brings them to fruition, I am left wondering why only 5 percent of all sales is given to breast cancer organizations. Surely, with the celebrity backing that she “seems” to have, and that she herself has been touched by how devistating breast cancer is, she might consider waiving “production costs” and donating 100 percent. Just a thought.

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