27 words and a poem – 27 May 2009

At Angelryon, we have an Open Mic night on Wednesdays. I really don’t participate in any of the “better known” b-F sites any more, and I find myself missing the nine word poetry challenges. I decided to come up with a way that I can still continue without all the cliques and drama.

I have been collecting the 9 words from one of the sites in a notebook. From time to time, I pick it up … when my muse has inspired me to do so … and I write.

The following poem was written using 3 sets of those 9 words. I hope you enjoy it.

highway, hell-bent, suffocate, winsome, ragged, telling, mute, riverbed, bleed, joy, muse, loud, rain, detail, walk, scarlet, vagrant, hung, seduction, candlelight, dripping,
intoxicated, stroking, passion, memory, echo, you

As I drive along the highway
long and winding as a meandering riverbed
my mind wanders to you winsome beauty yet unseen
but for a picture.
The hell-bent racing beat of my heart
telling me once again
that it is you I journey to see.
I bleed anxiousness
I beg my pounding heart to mute
lest you perchance hear it.
First sight
and my once ragged breaths cease,
and I suffocate
when you smile and say my name.

My muse,
the joy of my life.
I watch you closely
as you walk
drinking in each detail
as the rain tumbles
from smoke coloured clouds.
Scarlet flames bathe my cheeks
as I the vagrant romantic
laugh too loud at some tidbit
of humour you deign to throw my way.
Suitcase hung from one hand
the other resting in the small of your back,
We take another step
into the future.

The seduction began months ago
in another life.
In this one,
I am still intoxicated by you.
Candlelight adding to the intense
I run my moist palms along
trembling muscles.
Kisses as delicious as the
finest chocolate
that lingers on your tongue
long after it has been eaten.
Kisses that leave you dripping,
your knees weak.
Stroking fingers
silk skinned hands that
touch and bring tears
to a soul that feared
that touch.
And oh,
the memory of the passion shared
will echo
in my heart and mind
and a day.

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1 Response to 27 words and a poem – 27 May 2009

  1. “I bleed anxiousness” Love that!!

    Oh and AMEN to the drama and cliques on “b-f” sites. Don’t forget the fruit-related power trips! šŸ˜‰

    Loved the poem. šŸ™‚

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