Makeover Magic Fashion Show, June 2009

Yesterday, the 7th of June 2009, was National Cancer Survivors Day. It was also a day that brought smiles to many faces, but the most important smiles of all belonged to the caregivers and survivors that were nominated and selected to take part in the first of two Makeover Magic events for 2009.
Makeover Magic Finale June 2009
I am a member of the Makeover Magic Committee as a media team writer, a consultant and 2008 participant. Yesterday, I was given the chance to walk the catwalk again as I accompanied Glitter Xeltentat, one of our survivor participants. Glitter looked stunning, I’m certain her boyfriend approved.

Having known quite a few of the participants for a while, I was amazed at the new looks they had chosen and I have to admit, Bryan Damask without his usual hair and skin was one of the main surprises. Along with his RL and SL wife, Glenna Lane, he shone brightly.

Tathi Pessoa, our International RFL Ambassador from Brazil strutted her stuff like a professional model and looked radiant and Les Karsin, who had the same mentor as I did last year, nearly bounced along the catwalk. Sadly, Magistacalian Cyberschreiber could not be with us for the show but I sincerely hope that he likes his new look.

We plan to have another event later in the year, with six more hand-chosen participants and I’m looking forward to seeing their new looks too.

I’d like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all the models who took time out from their busy lives, both online and off to make this possible. I’d also like to thank all the amazing designers who donated outfits, hair, accessories, etc., for without them, this would never had been possible.

Me (Aryon Dagger) on the catwalk

Photos courtesy of: IshtarAngel Micheline

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